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Self Discovery through Creative Therapy

Some people come to counselling out of a sense that they are not living life to the full potential that they might. For them the journey in therapy is not so much a healing process as a voyage of discovery. I work with such people helping them to discover the unconscious processes that contribute to them being the person they are. I use a variety of approaches in this work. The specific approach for each person tends to evolve intuitively around their process, rather than to follow a predetermined plan because each person is so amazingly unique.


The focus of this work is to assist them to gain insight into their unconscious mind and thereby come to a greater understanding of themselves. Some of the approaches I use in this type of work include painting, creative writing, clay work, word association, movement, and dream work. Being artistically skilled is no particular advantage, the focus is on giving expression to unconscious processes and thereby gaining insight into aspects of the mind which had been hidden.


From time to time I offer a taster workshop of this kind of work for people who just want to see what is involved. If you would like to be informed about the next one, just send me an email to that effect and I will let you know the details as they are finalised. My email address is on the Contact Page and you can navigate there by clicking the “contact” button below.




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