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David O'Rourke


Therapeutic Approaches to Negotiating Change

Why Counselling?

A person might want to see a counsellor if they are having difficulties in life that are resulting in emotional distress. High stress, anxiety, depression are a few of the feelings that motivate a person to see a counsellor who is non-judgemental, impartial and outside of their circle of relationships. 


People also consider counselling when for some unclear reason they find their lives falling into codependent, addictive or obsessive patterns of behaviour which they are unhappy with. They work with a therapist in order to examine in depth why such patterns develop and find solutions which are satisfactory to them.


Another quite different reason a person might want to work with a counsellor is to explore and develop their inner resources with a view to unlocking hidden abilities and talents. This type of work I refer to as Creative Therapy.


Whatever the reason a person might have for coming to counselling I am always aware when I sit down with somone for the first time that the very fact that they have the courage to be in the counselling room means that they have already taken the first step towards changing their lives. 



If you are considering counselling or maybe are just curious, I invite you to browse around this site and hopefully find some information that is helpful to you.


The "Academic Stuff" page contains a little about who I am, and my qualifications.


The "Transitions" page is about a few examples of how I might approach working with someone who is struggling with stress, loss or depression.


The "Creative Therapy" page looks at exploring self-development issues through the medium of art work, particularly working with clay.


The "Spirituality" page gives some information about my orientation in spirituality as it applies to counselling.


The "Contact" page gives details of where I work and how I may be contacted.


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